River Spirit Casino, Tulsa 3/3

Not only is the weather really good but we're greeted by this beautiful scene...

The Arkansas river, right in the casino's back yard!

 We have just enough time for a shower and something to eat..

Before Load in!

And there's this guy asking James, where the crazy guy with the long hair is....

Good to see you again stage manager Tim, formerly of the Hard Rock!

Another day another beverage.

There's no stopping this guy!

Rollie tells Paul all about his recent fishing trip..

Whilst I eat the spoils...

Just enough time to watch the sun set over Buds truck...

And showtime with GrandMa2

In contrast to the Uptown theatre we have a completely moving light show!

Load out is the quickest on this tour, thanks again Tulsa.

And it's all hands to help Rollie wrap up merch...

With complimentary hot dogs!

And goodnight Tulsa... you were great!


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