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Foxwood Casino, Ledyard CT 10/03/18

Up and at 'em boys!
We're at the casino... Time to stock up on essentials from the vending machine.

With just enough time to visit our hotel rooms and grab a shower before load in.

Here we are back in the room, hardly a year has passed since we were here...
Lots of familiar faces in the crew..and some new!

It's not yet been done this tour, however today is the day for Jet to do the bounce test!

Bud takes us all out to dinner.. in style!

And we're all set!

Snowman joins Rocko at FOH.

My good buddy Chris joins me at lights for the show.
Somehow our schedules have missed on the last few runs..
Really good catching up with you buddy!

Another Diamond console to dig in on.. you beauty!
And showtime..
Another superb performance,  the kids went wild... some even brought their own percussion!

Just time enough to grab a beer at the bar and watch Brendoni  clean out the casino slot machines...

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