From rehearsals to spring tour - in one! -16/04/15

And so rehearsals begin for the Super Spring Winwood tour!

Lilly Winwood Joins us to cover merch as our Joe has left to pursue a career in educational support!

Bo looks even more like Grizzly Adams whilst Jimi T rocks the faders!

Meanwhile little Edith Jervis has her first taste of rehearsals and boogies to Medicated Goo!

Afterwards Gabriel J takes the opportunity to get a few drumming tips from uncle Richie.

And a couple of weeks later we're all packed up ready for a quick hop across the ocean.

Mr. Booth, Bo and young Thomas hit the bar at Heathrow for a pre flight cocktail... and we're airborne before we know it!

And we've made it!!

Celebrating the fact with copious amounts of Devil's Advocate Widow Maker IPA..

Randoms from within and without..

Thank you and goodnight!

From him...

and him...

and them... ( Stop hiding Bo!)

And those guys...

Until next time!

Thanks Sean and all of you who looked after us.. you blurry kinda guy!

Goodnight random coincidences in strange car parks..

Flip flops in snowy climes...

Friendly local hands who don't always look like people we know but in a grown up way..

and goodbye random airport experiences sometime culminating in a pretty shot...

And Hello Edith! 

As January brings my third child... Happy days!

Until next time.. Keep on Running!

The Snow Ranger and Toronto... 15/12/13

We were lucky.. We left early, at the front of the Snow storm...

The catering staff are there early getting ready for the arrival of the gang..

Gareth, our Snow Ranger arrived with 2 foot of snow protruding from the rear of his truck!

We waste no time and get the dock of a bay!


And relax.. we're in the Wives lounge..... all without them however!

In time the whole Rod tour machine arrives and makes up for lost time..

There's even time for a sound check!

The final set list sits upon the freshly polished glossy white stage..

And James and I await the band for the last show...

Oh Toronto with your giant  maple leaf... And it's done!

The roof has been raised....

Just time for a Gareth and Steve photo op!

And it's the airport hotel for us!

Followed by the long flight .....home..

Montreal really cold, Bell Centre 14/12/13

Montreal, you chilly city you!

Without too much hesitation we go in search of Giant toy soldier...

Thankfully the garrison is just a short walk away...

Bo and Joe get cuddling immediately!

And so after a day of brief and frosty exploration it's back to work!

Kitchen Kane is ready for battle! 

George get's up and about..

Gareth and Paul get warmed up over a cupcake!

And time for lunch.. mmm tasty goodies as ever from our tour catering cuties!

Our dressing room beverages have come pre-frozen today.. nice work!

Jose makes the correct choice for his liquid refreshment...

After our corridor built fun-times, Cafe gets stuck in whilst there's the smallest hint of carnival!

And it's time to collect your hand shake from Joe.. 

Everybody lines up..

And it's all brace for show time!

Video man extraordinaire Doug gets ready...

And a rocking performance by the guys..

Uncle Richie slammin' good through his solo..What a Legend!

And who is this? 

Grown up Youngling?

Canadian Simon The Elder!!!!

The Filmore, Silver Spring,MD 12/12/13

And so we've gone south for second solo gig...

The hands are a great bunch and we're in and set up before we can say Maryland state line!

Whilst we're a long way from 'Frisco there's a vibe to the place that hints at it's heritage of the original.

Even Bo feels it and dons on his tie-die... whilst Joe pays homage to Manchester, UK.

The fresh and  fabulous Cris Jacobs is our local support tonight.. hear him here

And the vibe backstage is happening!

Eeek!! A set list creeps up on me on my way to front of house... 

And my light show has a very pyche flavour with help and thanks to house LD Marty..

The gig is  a storm!! The roof was raised a good few hundred feet!

And here they are Along with JT and Joe and Gareth ( hanging out in the back).

With the truck all packed and Gareth's tail lights fading into the chilly night air we hit the dressing rooms to clear out.

We just have time to leave a little of ourselves too...

And onto Canada...