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Rehearsals, Nashville 20 & 21/02

Crew call - 8am at Three Brothers Coffee.
Jet gives us all 5 reasons to be cheerful..

And these fabulous guys supply the breakfast burritos and cortado's!
Thanks Collin and Hanna..
Epic work and always with a smile!

So our new guy - Rollie, is taking us to rehearsals..
We are already well aquianted - go search way back - he'll be here somewhere.. 

Jet gets in first and and asks us for the password ...
None of us remember - will he let us in?

Sure he will!
There's some serious untangling to be done....

Rokko gets his mix up and ready after we've set the stage.. some tweaking to be done and he da man!

Barista style! Time for Brendoni to get the coffee on before the band arrive.. 

And they're in and jammin' afore we knows it.
Some new choonz have made it on to the set.. oh yes!

And here's Miss Lilly and Band  - With new man Vernon! behind the throne!

Rollie gets to work counting and rolling shirts.
But day 1 is over quickly and we hit PFChangs and have to wash…

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