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Try me at The Ryman, Nashville TN 10/05/17

And so we're at the last gig, how time seems to have really flown.. too fast!
So it's time to start gathering our things up from all the nooks and crannies on the tour bus.

Edwin finds his collection of fine caps.. 

Brendoni gets caught up in some skip surfing and comes aboard with this beauty!
Will he have room in his luggage..?

Jimmy and I take a walk around the block, while we wait for the venue to open and bump into these crazy kids!
Jeremy & Steo from Lilly's band!

Back to the bus and Snowman and Rich are hanging out.. gonna miss you Snowman!

Finally the doors open and we're greeted by some very friendly people indeed!
This guy with the bright idea is Brendan, house LD and my new compadre!

Load in is a smooth affair, Karalie keeps it going..
However it's a strange one as there's a roped off microphone and a couple of acoustic guitars on stage where visitors to the Ryman Museum can pose for a souvenir photograph..

But we're soon ready for sound che…

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