There we are!

And so as Ross and I bed down for the night in England...

Steve, James, JT and John hit Miami in preparation for Super Bowl 44.

Sunday morning sees the team united and the stage set for the Tailgate party.

Sound check gets kicking with the Global Mogul and Jhett Poe overseeing the proceedings.

John Fields stops helping Richard for a moment to look at the camera...SMILE!

As sound check is over Ross and I take a moment to reflect in front of the stadium before collapsing in the RV, our very stylish dressing room....zzzzzzzzzz

While we sleep Jhett Poh decides to take it for a spin...Go Jhett Poh!!

The gig goes well with our boys playing a blinder whilst billions of Americans enjoy a top rendition of Higher Love......

After the gig Paul, Ross and myself repair to Dirty Blonde's sports bar.
We're joined by Paul's friend Kim to enjoy happy hour and the game!

Meanwhile Steve, James, Jt, Jose, Karl and John sit at the 10th yard line at the stadium, nice!

Just before the forth quarter Ross and I pop out for a quick slice and spot of mischief at the local pizzeria.

Boy did those guys not know what hit them as a rather well oiled duo hit home with true colonial wit!


Wendy said…
So glad to see that your blog is back, I didn;t know if it would feature on the new website. Loved the photos of the band at the superbowl, it looks as though everyone had a great time. I missed the TV coverage but thought Steve looked very relaxed on the youtube clip. Looking forward to seeing you guys in Birmingham.
Nick said…
Good to see you getting some fresh air - were The Who as good as they sounded on the TV?
Watch out for the snow,

Eileen said…
Saw the show last night at the DPAC. Just awsome! Took me back to my youth (the good parts). Thanks for an incredible evening!
Anonymous said…
I thought the Durham show was very good but could have been better. Too many of the songs IMHO were too (uninterestingly) long and too funkified. However, he did a nice "Can't Find My Way Home" and a great "Dear Mr. Fantasy".
Stephanie said…
Hi, Thank you so much for the wonderful performance last night at DPAC. It was everything and blew me away. I am so grateful for your beautiful music, the classics as well as the new material, which I LOVE. Thank you, thank you.

Peace and Love,
DrCharley said…
I have tix for tonight at Count Basie, but expecting a bit of a blizzard.

Are you guys in Jersey yet?

Your biggest fan from Manalapan NJ

Anonymous said…
Thanks Steve and Band for a wonderful blast from the past, also we enjoyed your current music. Last night, I saw the DPAC show -at times the sound of Steve's vocals while he was playing the organ were not very good. Overall -the music was great. The encore was especially fun -folks finally got up from their seats to shake things up. Please come back to the RTP and play at a venue where it's easier to dance. Big hugs, wishing you safe travel.
Anonymous said…
Enjoyed the DPAC show last night but the sound mix was average at best. Organ mike was muffled and woodwinds/horns were too loud. Too bad these relatively simple things detracted from an overall great concert.
Steven said…
Are you guys going to make it to NJ for the show Tonight???
Eddiedread said…
Durham show. The sound man should get another job. A great show was almost ruined by a bad mix. The sound was muddy and the wrong parts were featured. Very frustrating.
Jonsternation said…
Excellent show.99/100.Only quibble,this line-up needs one or two funkified back-up singers."Higher Love" needs this in particular.Wish the show was longer.I am John Barleycorn and you know what I must do.
jeff said…
Thank you Mr. Winwood for screwing your fans in Red Bank. Your insistance on performing in a blizzard without regard for the welfare of your fans is disgusting. You had the option to play Feb 15 or Fed 16 in Red Bank, a mere 75 miles from your Feb 14 gig. The venue could not cancel the gig as Mr. Winwood would earn his $100,000 and they would need to reimburse the ticket holders. You could have delayed yur return trip to England. As far as I am concerned, you can stay there
SR said…
Delightful surprise watching this clip after reading all the way from post one on page one. Lovely touch. Love watching SuperBowl at stupido'clock GMT.

Anon wrote on Feb 10th "Too bad these relatively simple things...". From what I gather I don't think 'these things' are that simple to be fair.

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