Hard Rock Tulsa! And another birthday special, Cpl Summers 24/11/12

Welcome to the Hard Rock Joint, Birthday boy Joe!!

It's a special day in Oklahoma as both major football teams are playing each other.. Mark our video guy is getting quite excited about it too!

Bo takes the helm on Merch and regales his customers of stories from home... 

Utilising his best of British look!

With help from Josh, I get my look on and doors have opened.

Boy do I have some lights to play with tonight!!

A quick chat to Mark the video director will ensure good timing for instrumental solo's!

Bo, Joe and myself hightail it to a fancy restaurant to get some grub pre-show.

What a spread.. ending in a creme brûlée with a birthday candle.. great stuff!

Thanks Sarah, our server in McGills on 19.

A speedy load out with a crew eager to help out, thanks Tim and chums!

And no for some more cake!!

This time with Champagne....

Off we go to grab a relaxing drink before hitting the road for Texas.

Which we share with Vidiot Mark and his lovely lady and stage manager Dave..

Thank you Tulsa and Good night....


Anonymous said…
Pip Helix says: I hope you guys don't take for granted how lucky you are to have one of the best singers in the world sing "Happy Birthday" to you, because I'd hack off a body part for the privilege. Not one of MY body parts, mind you, but still...

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