Riverside Theatre, Milwaukee 23/02

Good Morning Milwaukeee!!!!

This will be my third visit to this fabulous venue - I may have been introduced to Trail mix here.

Paul and Rollie get chillin' by the frozen Milwaukee River.

But don't stay too long as it's cold....

And it's up to the 8th Floor to catering..

The elevator , operated by a very friendly Michaela arrives smoothly and our senses are hit by the wonderful smell of fresh coffee. 

 Mary, our Barista fixes me a perfect cortado and we chat about our kids and growing veggies..

One thing that never fails to impress at this place is the hospitality and fabulous food.

Venison sausage and red cabbage? Heavenly!!

And the extremely cool vibes of the 'lounge'!

The boys have selected a most excellent vinyl to play through lunch.

But we have to get to work.. and work we do.

Rocko and Jet get the game plan on!

It's all set and I get busy with Mark fixing some looks while the band soundcheck.

With all the work done there's just a bit of time spare to visit Uhle's, Next door.

Scott takes real good care of me and I end up with a new pipe.

I also meet Sam, the house audio guy there too - buying cigars!

So dinner and an impromptu photo shoot with Miss Lilly in the Elevator...

With minutes left to her set Paul and Brandoni get serious..

And here's the motley crew ...

Yours truly, Mark, Sam and Rocko..

Load out goes smoothly with Sam and I chat about Uhle's and he ends up giving me one of his cigars..nice!

Good night Milwaukee and thank you!


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