Big Red Bank, Count Basie Theater NJ 24/04/17

Once again we find ourselves in the wonderful Count Basie Theater with a bunch of old friends..

Hi again -Angela, Daniel, Greg, Francis and Douglas..

We waste no time and get straight to work, time to get your pack on says Brendoni

And hi again to Anthony, helping my get my light show on!.

And the Hammond, feeling left out gets a date with local engineer Eric.. 

Booth warms up his horn for soundcheck.

With a liomited time before dinner Brendoni, Phlip and I go hit Red Bank..

Unfortunately it's closed..

But the record store is open..Phlip captures the moment, perfectly...

And it's almost showtime..The kids go wild and are treated to a fabulous show..

So it's time to hit the 'Roll with It' vodka post show...


Pip Helix said…
The vodka is hilarious. ;-) GREAT show. Steve was in particularly good voice that night, and Edwin is and amazing addition to the band. Loved the lights.

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