The Space, Westbury an evening of Fire and Ice cream! 22-23/04/15

After a long drive from Detroit to Westbury Steve invites us all to dinner - Hibachi style..

Unfortunately though the restaurant is out of green tea ice cream!

Morning soon comes around and Levi our quarter back sub is bustin a move on the load in.

Sound check in this fab sold out club!

Johnson gets to work willing in the gaps until the audience arrives!

They say it's a game of 2 halves.. Lunch at On a Roll...

Dinner at the Kebab House..

Full bellies, big smiles .. great food!

And there they are.. Ready and willing for some fine music.

The Venue is Rocking tonight and the audience choir can be heard loudly on stage!

Wicked show and we're all packed up in now time...

Meanwhile Levi reverses in true style.. without spilling a drop!


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