The Snow Ranger and Toronto... 15/12/13

We were lucky.. We left early, at the front of the Snow storm...

The catering staff are there early getting ready for the arrival of the gang..

Gareth, our Snow Ranger arrived with 2 foot of snow protruding from the rear of his truck!

We waste no time and get the dock of a bay!


And relax.. we're in the Wives lounge..... all without them however!

In time the whole Rod tour machine arrives and makes up for lost time..

There's even time for a sound check!

The final set list sits upon the freshly polished glossy white stage..

And James and I await the band for the last show...

Oh Toronto with your giant  maple leaf... And it's done!

The roof has been raised....

Just time for a Gareth and Steve photo op!

And it's the airport hotel for us!

Followed by the long flight .....home..


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