The Voyage Home 27-28/11/13

So with bags packed and some sleep behind us we make our way to our first airport. 

Our flight from Detroit to Washington runs smoothly and on time..

However our voyage home is delayed thanks to some pretty blustery weather back in Blighty!

These terminal transports are great, like something you'd see in a Sci fi movie.

Unfortunately this does nothing to sooth the truth of delay..

Dinner and liquid replenishment is provided for us by Gordon Biersch which help sooth the truth of delay within seconds.. mmmm.

The entertainment that follows is purely our own! 

It's dinosaur Joe!

The fun times dwindle along with our rations...  

Its been a long weight...  But finally our flight is ready.

And home is just a couple of films away!

And a few memories.. 

Cafe with his guitar on the tour bus!

The genius hairdresser Sandros  who tamed my expanding mop, with the lovely  Candise

Joe showing off Pauls new frye boots, he gets the second series..without vulcanised rubber!

The Idiots in the truck - post load out.

Until next time.. 


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