On to the Garden....9/12/13

It's a fresh and chilly morning in the City of Apples and Mr. Joe needs his coffee!!

We arrive at the Garden to the loading area and are greeted by a stream of Folk lifts trucks, all busy taking Mr.Stewart's goodies up the spiral ramp..

Gareth and our truck are way down the list so we hang for a while then hit the dressing room to keep warm!

Our time comes and we get set!

Joe and Bo have a well deserved pluck and bash whilst JT falls asleep...

It's all happening in the dressing room however...

And we get the stage for some sound check action!

Paul charms a smile from Cafe... 

While James gets on it whilst Mark Payne ( Rod's LD) brings it home..

Just time for Cafe to work his magic on Bo's back.

He'd already made a difference to me earlier.. thank you Mr.De Silva!

It's 'Shame Shirt Day'..
We got the memo!
Did you?

A pre-show Garden and the snappers are getting their positions.. all of them in my way!!

And who's this helping us on load out??

Why it's Yankee Tom the Elder!!

Tonights Polaroid ....

Here we are full of cheese and wine!!

 Joined by JT's lovely wife Marissa and her friend Katie 'Brian' Fontana..

And we're out....

Good night NYC!


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