Raleigh, oh Raleigh I do! 30/08/13

 Thanks to Captain & the Keels
  the sound of Sky Rockets in Flight is still ringing in our ears as we rise for work.

And the queue of hands is long today.. Kevin#2 stops to count.

And it's a spot we've been to before ..2010 and 2008 and in 2013 it's still just as hot and humid!

Jose slides into Bobby's guitar world and has a bash on Derek's axe....

The corridor, ah yes... remember it well.

The Trucks.

The Boss.

And yet again your humble narrator and L.D. is forced to battle nature...

                            But it finally set and we got a couple of songs worth of lighting!

Dave sits enjoying the show from his cozy B3 world...

Gimme some lovin' ?

You bet!

These guys!

It's Chris and Liquid Pete!

 The stars behind the video wall of psychedelic imagery from The Allman Brother Show.

We have a few guest slots again tonight Rich and Paul get serious to "Feel like Breaking Up Somebodies Home"..

Steve sings 'I Feel Love' and 'The Weight'.

Joe get's Jose ready to join Cafe get down and funky on 'In Memory of Elizabeth Reed'.

And it's over.. we hang out on the patio with some familiar faces..

Last time I saw Lorenz he promised to wear his Traffic shirt..

Little did he realise it would be 90degrees and humid... ;)


baz3333 said…
It was a great gig Jason! Worth the trip out
baz3333 said…
It was a great gig Jason, well worth the trip!

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