Open Jazz Festival, Stuttgart 05/07/13

Open Jazz.. nice!

Hosted in the splendid 18th Century Schlossplaz in Stuttgart.. Mmmm historic!

As I step off the bus, sleep still clogging my eyelids, I'm greeted  by a most welcome site.

It's Manny!!! 

Pictured here with Pappy both on Bonnie Raitt's crew.. 

We get the stage and own it!

Lars hit's the cherry picker to focus lights while Steve tweaks the Hammond.

He rather fancies the cherry picker it turns out.... 

Sound check happens and the very lovely Bonnie come's out front to listen.

And it's Bonnie's sound check and we all hit the seats to listen..

With an unexpected bonus of free gummy bears brought to us by a couple of banking ladies..

Just a moment and it's time for Bonnie and her amazing band and crew to get their show on!

We all take turns to enjoy their show side stage.

And it's soon our turn to rock the plaza!!!


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