It's a long way to Zurich .. Volkshaus 2/7/13

The race is on! We have 24 hours to get to Zurich.. 
A brief stop in France for food proves too as they seem to be out of food!

We travel through 6 countries to get to our hotel and we arrive just in time for supper on Monday.

We're at the Volkshaus ready for a swift load in.. 
However Terry pulls something in his calf and high tails it to the doctors! 
Thankfully he's fine.
The locals are awesome and we're in and set super fast, tips hat to Corinne, Dread and Benjamin.

Hans (ed* I though he said John!) has set up an almost Wakemanesque lighting world for me and I waste no time getting on it!

And we have time to breathe! 
Corinne studying her history of Linguistics.. Dread reading the paper.. Bo - diddling!

Sound check runs smooth for James and I debut my new look.. 'Rainbow'

Supper time! The game of who can eat the most salad begins!
And oh, the chocolate pudding was amazing

Steve is joined by his lovely wife and their friend Clair with her son and girlfriend.
 They're in for a treat as tonight's show all killer!

The kids go wild!!! Those Swiss groovers sure know how to party!

And it's everyone onto the bus for a short trip to the Hotel in Lugano..

Just enough time to play smell the 'Swiss' cheese.


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