From Pori to Home 19/07/13

We're up early, well I actually miss breakfast by 5 minutes.. 

It seems I was not the only one..

With everyone else on their way home we few have a couple of hours to kill and some bellies to fill.

JT had recommended the market and we all enjoyed a hearty portion of traditional fair.... 

Reindeer or fish, all were satisfied even as it  rained, unexpectedly!

So our coach arrives to take us to the airport and home..

Back to my family, a fresh keg of Butcome and a night in my wonderful Frank Harvey home cinema.

JT back to his beautiful new bride... and more birthday presents.

Joe home to Kate and moving house!

James to his beloved Daisy and Emma Jayne.

Bo off for a date with the style council of Great Britain.

Paul to more work, including recording for his new record, exciting times!

 Jose and Cafe back to the states and their respective homes on either coast of the continent!

Here joined by Jose's great friends, Lorenz and Nina.

 They have attended dozens of shows and missed the blog countless times.. Not this time!

Richard to work and play and play and work!

The Boss back for some good fashioned English countryside.

So until next time.. it's good bye from us!

Keep Talking Back to the Night....


baz3333 said…
Set list for Darien Lake??
baz3333 said…
Setlist for Darien? Did Steve play with the Allmans?

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