Salford Man Hire at The Lowry 24/06/13

It's another glorious day in the corp and a short hop up the M6 puts us in Salford, Manchester.

Much reason to jump for joy as this is our most northerly gig. 

This will be our last show with Paddy (right), 
who has guided me through many shows with his lighting expertise. 
And penultimate with James (left)who has been my man in the air dangling by a thread to help focus the lights. You've been great!

But who's this couple in the Audience? 

It's only my Dad and his lovely wife Margaret,
 sitting in on sound check in anticipation of the main event! 
Which leaves them bowled over by the way....

And here's the Pro Tool Expert himself!

Mr Mike Thornton come to hang with James and talk audio....

Ladies and Gentleman pray silence........A moment for the Rhythm section.....

And doors are open and Mr. Summers takes the stage...
Unfortunately his comment about being in Manchester goes down like a lead balloon,
 as we're actually in the city of Salford.
Thankfully his music wins him through...

And it's showtime!!!

Rafters raised, and the crowd go wild to a truly explosive performance....

We pack carefully in anticipation of Glastonbury as time will be an issue there...

While Steve hangs back stage with his friends Bill Hunt and Mike Kellie, good to see you guys!

And we get a moment or 2 with our old friend Wally Jay.. and meet his lovely wife.

But its soon time to get in the van and start the voyage back... 

Bo clearly ready as Morrissey appears to be manifesting himself upon him.


Anonymous said…
I love reading your blog as a huge fan of Steve. I love the behind the scenes stuff that we never get to see. How about posting a picture of the setlist from each night? I look forward to looking at the different nights.

Uncasville, CT

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