Keswick Glenside, PA 30/05/12

Ah Pennsylvania, Thank William Penn for that!

It's been a couple of years since we were here, remember the antics from the last time?

It's off the bus and Summers and Jet grab a coffee...

Jimbo finally get's a photo in the blog.. and has to fix the door to get it!

Meanwhile Go Go gets up to date with his blog... humans on tour!

And here are a couple now! Still a bit of tension over the shirts...

And who's this handsome fella?

Drum it Uncle Richie!

Sound check goes well... Steve points out a few things to the band, namely Cafe's hat!

Oops watch that on your way back from the lav..

Bo and Mr Bobby Long Senior at the Merch zone.. GET IT HERE!!!

This is also our last gig with Babbylan... safe travels new friend!

Jet get's a measuring...

it's almost time!

And we're on!

A nice deep blue of the Low Spark variety....

And the kids were rocking!

Even the lady behind who was talking throughout,, then asked me to smile!

She had some advice for the red or blue???

I don't think so!


Pip Helix said…
Bet they locked up the costume department when they saw you lot coming in again. ;-)
IngeP said…
Love your handsome Uncle Richie
baz3333 said…
What was the canananananaguigareb gig like for weather? We were flying over the top from Boston to Buffalo as you were setting up (see photos on Steve Winwood Maniacs FB page) and it was like flying down a marble staircase!!
baz3333 said…
What was the weather like in Canananagauigaaaaaaaaaaa? We were flying over you from Boston to Buffalo and bouncing all over the skies!!
Pip Helix said…
Barry, there is always turbulence directly over wherever Steve's crew is working furiously. The FAA has been aware of this phenomena for years. You'd think they'd re-route the air traffic around them by now. :-)

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