Lancaster bomber!! 22/01/09

This is my favourite crew of the tour!

They jump aboard and all our cases are landed on the stage and set early!

..............( Alex, Neil and Julia)

In fact James and Steve arrive with the stage practically set.

Alex and I get along famously with similar sense of humour.

Over lunch we're taken good care of by Autumn and Laura, who work in the theatre's costume dept....more on that later ;)

So all is set and ready I have to pop off to Target to get a couple of tools and a new ironing board! Julia, the runner, helps out there...without her yellow jacket!

John gets familiar with Julia and a very shy Jesse.

The show goes well and I can't resist using one of their props whilst getting Jose's guitar at the end of the show.


moemoephoto said…
That was a great show!

You can find photos and review here:

Come back ASAP! :)

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