It's a trap!! ...A Wolftrap? 29/05/12

And we hit a giant wood lodge in the forest, grandma's house?

The load-in is stupidly fast and we're swamped with crew.. this is the first gig of the season and they're getting in shape for the season!

I get cornered by Henry, the house LD, to sort lights before I've even got the Hammond on the deck?

I don't think so!

Eager beavers indeed, the load out is just as fast, which we're grateful for.

I have a little wonder round and about just after focusing lights with Henry, Leslie and the team..

Gonna be a fine light show tonight!

And what's this? 3 boxes of Winwood.. just add water!

Great catering too.. really nice throughout the day!

James and Bo are truly spoilt for choice... Beef bourguignon was great.

And here are the kids as viewed from just above my lighting bunker, just moments before Bobby Long.

I had a bit of a hard time getting to the door of the lighting booth passed kids and picnic business...

Only to discover it was locked! 

On further inspection the words Broadcast Booth on a brass plaque remind me I'm at the wrong bunker!

So the rain came down in abundance!

I did have to remove a gaggle of humans outside the right bunker entrance so I could get the show on the road!

What a show!!!

Unfortunately the power tripped out taking out the PA during the set and more noticeably during the encore.. 

However the choir continued en masse... Dear Mr.Fantasy sang us a song!


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