Travelator Fun time 10/05/12

A few days after Cheltenham Jazz Festival and my bag is packed..

Fishman preamp,  Regency chess set and running shoes all ready to fly!

The morning alarm wakes me rather rudely after just 4 hours of slumber.

Jo, Bo, Ross and myself assemble with Ross at the helm to take us to Heathrow...

We arrive 6.10am with a bump... ouch!

Soon joined by Richard and Paul we sit down for some pre flight breakfast.

Thankfully our flight is sparsely populated and we benefit from a row to ourselves although it'snever that comfy on an 8 hour flight!

Newark and 10 hours later we find ourselves a nice bar whilst we wait our connecting flight... and the guinness wasn't bad.

We're here a couple of hours before our connecting flight to Milwaukee so time to play on the travelator... and Jo and I take a few photos with our film cameras.

Our flights a little delayed but soon enough we get on board and sleep finally hits me against all my efforts to stay awake.. I get a cool 20 minutes!

And it's destination time all smiles as we're happy to be close to the end of what has been a lengthy travel day...

We arrive at the hotel some 20 hours after initial start.. and hit the hotel bar for dinner and an adult frosty beverage.

Soon ity's time to stretch our legs and as everyone has finally arrived at the Hotel Paul, Bo and myself go for a wonder.

I strike it lucky with a band of men celebrating their friends birthday and get a large Cohiba as my welcome to America.. Happy Dave's!

And finally bedtime just 30 hours later...... zzzzzzzz


Pip Helix said…
I love that every post involves the band and/or crew assaulting the local statuary. ;-)
Anonymous said…
Jeys, remember what we talked about in cheltenham, aside from Slav women, setlist dude.,, continue on that whatever you do... continue on mentioning variations...

you are our only hope ...:)


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