Rehearsals for a rainy May Day Celebration 2012

The Stormy Cotswold.....Did somebody say it was Springtime?

An so on a cloudy day on the first of May the gang is assembled in preparation for the forthcoming gigs...

Mix Master J is slamming a fresh board cooking up some smoking tones thanks to a rack full of Millenia pre's and the Bricasti reverb.. tasty stuff indeed!

And the grooves are hot to trot! 

Some old favourites filling the airwaves with spangled magnificence!

And Mr Booth has just enough time to have  a quick fiddle with the Mandolin...
Thanks Ross for grabbing this moment ;)...and we're..

Back in the game!

Just before we pack down let's meet the crew..

Say Hello to Bo, Summers and Jerv!

Meanwhile on a  lawn in North Carolina JT plays fetch with Daisy... 

                                                          More of that later.....


Wendy said…
Great gig in Cheltenham last night the locals seemed to really enjoy it. The big top was a good venue and the sound quality was great although I am sure it posed some challenges to your team! So glad you are keeping us up-to-date with what is going on via Facebook and your blog. Have fun in America with Steve and the fabulous band and come back home soon.
IngeP said…
Always enjoy your blog. Looking forward to read about yet another US tour and to look at your pictures. (The show in Cheltenham was great)

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