No Snow in Redbank... 27/05/12

Another fine day in the core! And before we leave we always check the day sheet...

Today's sheet seems a little indiscernable but with Hammond Wizard Paul arriving with our new B3 we're on it early!

He's come with his buddy Maurice on the long treck from Wisconsin to Jersey.. and I fail to capture Maurice in picture.. but he was a scream!

We get everything on and up and running before it's time for lunch.. mmmmm toasties!

There are more than a few familiar faces, we were here not too long ago...

   But what you forget is the banter that goes with Jersey people.. like walking into a wall of wisecracks!

As Hammond Paul soldiers on a percussion Jam starts and even I join in!

Just time to reflect on the past.... with the Mogul.

And it's showtime!!! Bobby Long dedicating a love song to Bo and Joe, very touching..

And here they are!

Doing a fine job of selling top grade Winwood Merchandise to a happy fan base, nice work guys!

Thanks to Antony I get a Rainbow look for Empty Pages.. nice!

He didn't remember me exactly from last time.. just that he didn't do the lights and had to shovel snow instead.. sorry fella!

Making sure our Drive gets his pie!!

And Paul is our guest through the show and is even treated to my load out pantomime!!

All this excitement before having to hightail it out of here .. back to the Midwest...


Pip Helix said…
The sock got me wondering: How do you tend to laundry when you you are on the road? Is it up to each man to deal with it on his own, or is someone charged with finding laundry facilities along the way? These are the big questions that keep fans up at night. ;-)

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