Snow Show in Red Bank...

On arrival to Jersey we are greeted by a profusion of flaky, white, cold snow.

Steve finds a shop or two of interest...

We do have a little time to go in search of some Red Bank sites..
Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash.

Ross and JT pop into a music store while John and I enter the famous comic store.

The guy behind the counter is obviously not meant to be there that day, most other stores have closed due to the incoming blizzard.

He jumps on us and quizzes me whether I had phoned earlier, I asked whether that was why he'd opened.

He quickly deduces my racial heritage and a fantastic serious of quips is exchanged whilst John stands aghast!

We are then joined by Ross and JT and Steve also pops in to have a look and marvel at the giant Mooby.

Sound check goes well with locals Like Daniel (pictured), Greg and Anthony we're in good hands. Although Alison, the runner, isn't really running anywhere, anytime, so I end up with a needle and thread instead of new trousers!

John has a bit of tweaking to do to the sonar kit for the show.

At this stage there is some concern as to whether there is a state of emergency called and the gig canceled...

Tour manager, 4 times nominated award winning sound engineer, Jimmy 'Global Mogul' T,
crosses his fingers....

Dale gets concerned as the snow falls the bus slide out seems to want to stay out!

Ross, Jt and myself all help and the bus is restored.. Hoorah Dale!

Karl doesn't seem to want to stay out for too long....

Well the venue starts to fill up to everyone's relief...and the show goes on!

A big thanks for braving the elements is given by Steve, and felt by all the band and crew!

Everyone who turned up was going to have a great gig!


Nick M said…
Good stuff - wrap up warm!
Anonymous said…
You should really put up the show's setlist in your blog. Some of us search for it every night.

I'll be at Foxwoods tonight. I have a Fillmore poster from back when Steve was touring behind About Time. Jose signed it a while back. Any chance that I can get Steve to sign it before or after the show?

Anonymous said…
too bad only 600 people showed up. Most people stayed home due to the weather. More fans were left disappointed than happy.
Anonymous said…
You were worried about the gig being canceled and a state of emergency being declared. Was Mr. Winwood or anyone in the band worried about the welfare of the fans traveling to the show in a blizzard?
Teresa said…
I would walk through a storm to see Steve and his band! I am so grateful that he played a venue 10 minutes from my house! The show was great! Thanks Steve and all you bandmates!

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