Quando Qantas Quando?? 31/10/11- 01/11/11

Ok so why did they have to strike the day we were flying??

We plant ourselves near food and free wifi and try not to demolish anything more than our styrofoam cups!

We find ourselves sitting at our gate endlessly waiting for our late leaving plane..

Reporters are filming us as we wait.. and wait..eventually we take off, and subsequently..

Miss our connecting flight to New Zealand..

Once again thank you Qantas.

We stay overnight at a hotel and eventually hit Wellington!

Steve finds a new hero!

After a quick bag drop we all get out of our Wellington hotel rooms and wonder around for a while marvelling at Merino Wool garments.. Mmm warm and yet coooool!

And so we find ourselves in a fine Mexican eatery celebrating the Day of the Dead with Black Margarita's !!!

We also had some amazing food.. including some great tortilla soup!


MichaelBard said…
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georgensymonds said…
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SarahR said…
Long time no iGoogle Chimpfeed! We were also affected the the Qantas strikes the same time. Hope you also received an email/voucher from Q knocking off a sum off your next Q booking.

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