The long Voyage back...

After a few hours sleep I meet up with Charlie, SD's FOH engineer for our last shop for Merino.

With only Half an hour to shop decisions are made fast and we're back and waiting for the shuttle to the airport and the beginning of our voyage home.

It's a long line of band and crew for baggage check… our family is now starting it's long voyage back to it's various corners of the world.

And just enough time for a coffee and a brazilian gurn before mounting our first of many flights.

Goodbye New Zealand.. Goodbye Australia.. we had fun!

And thanks to my new Dickies gloves and boots my feet and hands are still intact, thank you Len ;)

Just a short matter of getting around the other side of the globe to be back home.

Meanwhile Steve, Cal, James and JT hang for a couple of days before hoofing it to Japan for a spot of Winwood- Clapton!

Well folks goodbye until the next tour....


IngeP said…
Thanks guys for keeping us all posted with great photos, comments and info about Australia and New Zealand.
If I had been the boss, I would have sent you all to Japan to cover Steve and Eric's tour.
Pip Helix said…
I hope you will be blogging in 2012, because I have so enjoyed reading these posts!

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