Aukland Travel Day 03/11/11

It's time to get on another plane! This time something considerably smaller, just 50 seats but with propellors…

A Bombadier Q300 no less!!

We waste no time after getting to our hotel and wonder off into the town of Aukland.

Paul, Summers and I end up down the docks and wishing we had time to grab a ferry and do some island hopping.

Back to our Hotel rooms and spruce up in time for our evening meal with band and crew of Steely Dan..

Although I forgot my camera to capture the event my phone did a less than average job!

Mr. Becker snaps away...

The Mix Mogul cuts a deal while Elsbett our Danish waitress calls for more Tiramisu.

Frontiers man Brett, pictured far right.. looks on to the end of the night and his cocoa..

And a fine night was had by all!


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