Up the Pool! O2 Liverpool 22-10-10

So we hit the city around lunchtime and it's straight to the load in!

The locals are a fun bunch and we're off to a good start.

A few tweaks to the guitar amp and and Steve's a happy man.

We had some work done on the Tele and had a great sounding new pickup fitted.

Thanks to Chris at Fishman for helping us out with that.

So it's time to focus my lights!

With help from Ali my lights are set and the colours shine.

A special night show tonight as I have family coming ....

My Mum hangs at front of house while sister Shelly and son Curig are close by.

Curig's Grandad Neil attends and he hasn't see Steve in a while, he saw Traffic and Blind Faith back in the day.

He was more than thrilled at seeing the current line up, they really delivered!

A great gig with the crowd singing along to most songs.. The roof was raised!!!


Anonymous said…
I was at this concert, my first steve winwood concert, it was fab!!!!
but i wanted more 80s stuff cause I was 40 the day before, enjoyed the stuff he did though :)

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