Roundhouse, London 18-10-10

And before you know it we're back in Blighty and headed for Capital City!

The Roundhouse used to be used by trains wishing to change lines. The train would drive in and the centre would rotate and when the new line is selected steam away!

With the sound check on and the roof so high the Mogul has his work cut out tonight!

Ross visits bringing great cheer and shares some road stories with Joe.

Backstage Steve's Brother Muff makes a welcome appearance in the tiny dressing room.

But just time for a quick chat with Jed from Universal Audio at front of house. - pic by Kimber

And who's this? Why it's Summers senior of course... Come to enjoy the show.

And show time is upon us before we know it!

House LD Simeon sit close through the show and enjoys the band.

By the end of the show I'm feeling rather ill.

Just before we leave I realise I've been poisoned!



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