The Mighty Colston Hall, Bristol 20-10-10

Home turf and we leave the bus and drive to the gig.

An eager team of locals meet us and we hit the stag at speed..

A quality soundcheck fills the room and it's sounding great. The Mogul and our PA guy make magic together.

I get a good dose of help from Andy with the lights and I'm ready.

Jet Poe tears it up with the Steve's strat.. Just time after soundcheck for a Buffet Band Jam..

That's Jet on drums, Summers on back up vocals and yours on guitar and vocals..

And more familiar faces.. welcome back Mr.Simon T - remember Cropredy and Cornwall?

The Venue starts to fill up and we soon have a bulging hall..

What a gig the kids went wild!!!

Steve revisited Davide's solo and almost missed his organ swell back into light up.

They loved it.

Thanks to the help of the Cazza and the locals and SimonT and Ross helping out we were out of their fast...


Anonymous said…
Hey buddy any pics from Cork. Great show.

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