A day off in Brussels 15-10-10

We hit Brussels in time for lunch and a light beverage..

Whilst the Mogul, Jet and Steve hang out Summers, Kimber and I hit the town after what would appear to be the best chips in Europe.

Meanwhile the Moguls grin gets bigger and bigger..

While Booth's poses for the fans...after drinking the place dry of Leffe!

We finally reach the centre after managing to find a wicked record shop and an Oxfam!

With a brief pit stop we start the big trek back to the square.

And we all meet up for some top nosh in the square and the day is complete...


Wendy said…
Yet again you have shared some great photos with us, thank you. You go to some beautiful places and it is nice to have an idea of what is going on while you are on tour. It looks as though you are having a laugh as usual. I know there are lots of us looking forward to seeing you in Bristol on Wednesday, let's hope "the kids go wild!"
Love the photo's of you having a beer with Steve, what a way to spend an afternoon!
Anonymous said…
Antoine is reputed to be the best "friterie" in town. Hope you tried them.


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