Bhurrrrrrlin 8-10-10

And so with us all checked into our hotel rooms and freshened up.... it's time for currywurst!!

It's Oktoberfest and the festivities have begun with a Market and a traditional duo singing crazy umpah songs..

Kimber, Summers and I enjoy as much as we can then make a sharp exit for some sightseeing.

Joe has a little cuddle.

Ooooh nice...

And we find a brewery and order the meter of beer........

We continue our sightseeing with much merriment and Kimber enjoys a miniature pipe organist!

And it's back to freshen up before the evening....and what a nice surprise there was out of my window.

After a short break we meet up with Steve, Jet, The Mogul and Tim and make our way back to the fabulous brewery for some goulash...


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