Stone Ridge gig at th Jiffy Lube Shed! 25-07-10

Being out on the road for some time now with only a short reprieve in which to catch his breath.. the Globul Mogul was in need of some attention to his barnet. Thanks to Jenny and Lisa we all had chance for some attention.. Even Stubby had his noggin neutered!

With all the baking heat in Virginia the atmosphere was very heavy indeed..
So it's was no surprise mother nature turned her charm on for us!
Boy did it rain!!!!

Mr.Paul Reed Smith pops in to check on on of his top artists and tells me home much he enjoys Steve's music.. In fact he tells me that it's always a pleasure to hear real music played by a real musician. I await my custom 24 in whale blue

So a fine soundcheck with a little guest appearance on drums..

And we're off into the night again.... just us and the road!


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