Mansfield, MA.. it'snot called New England for nothing! 23-07-10

And it's all green in New England.. Just like home, but more of that later!

There's Sean enjoying the flowers again.. who says security is too tough for posies?

Meanwhile Robin, Benny's bass tech is enjoying an interrupted phone call to someone important.

Jet Poe says "Bring on the Rain" and starts singing 'Rainmaker' at the top of his lungs in his most beautiful singing voice. And we are transformed to Englands green and pleasant land.. momentarily.

Meanwhile at front of house James and I meet the guys from Izotope and have a good chat about all things audio.. have a look!

Paul bring his celebrity friend back stage to meet us all..Lost?

I'm happy, It's another hobbit!

And with everything wrapped up and ready we have a moment to sit and chill before take off.


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