Life's a beach with Mrs Jones... 18-07-10

With the African safely guiding our way we leave another hotel...

The road is short to Jones Beach and we arrive to the sound of Carlos shredding his PRS throught the PA.

This is our last day with Roscoe.. Eamon his replacement steps up and takes note!

With Steve joining Santana on stage for a number it's time to get rehearsing..

Paul is asked to join on flute too.. Carlos is loving it!

Time for the show... and Long Island goes crazy!!!!!!!!
Dear Mr.Fantasy has Steve melting the back row's nearly comfortable seats...

With the stage cleared and most of our gear packed we prepare the B3 side stage for the first performance of 'Right On' with Steve joining Santana.

After the show, yours truely is left to control what is left of the crew as Steve, Jet and the Mogul head into NYC for a spot of TV...

Eamon is presented with the trail mix 'First Show' award this evening by his old 'Riverdance' cohort Paul Booth..


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