Around the Riverbend.. 06-07-10

After a quiet day off in Cincinnati.. With it being a national holiday there really isn't much to do.

Rosco and I hit the streets and find a spot food and shopping...

Later on we also meet up with Paul, Richard and Karl and are joined by Jimmy, who is the Live Nation rep.

Richard and Karl head home early to leave us in A bar and the night goes swimmingly.

The morning brings us to the venue and as the name suggests it's on the Ohio river.

The temperature is 31 degrees ( about 88 in Fahrenheit) but the humidity is really up there..

The load in and set up is a sweaty affair and we take time to reflect on the last time we were here, on with Tom Petty...

The gig goes down a storm and Jose get a standing ovation for his solo in Low Spark..

Great audience...great vibes!

With Santana providing a soundtrack to our load out, we find it hard to contain ourselves...

After the gig I go out front with Steve and enjoy some of the Santana show..

Then I grab my camera and do a spot of low light photography.

Before the day is out Jet Poe finds a new Bear, Izzy and a group is born..

"Izzy and the Zombies".... check out our myspace!


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