Donau'wotits'worth 31/7/09

And finally.............our lastr gig in mainland Europe.

Brian, a repatiated American and all round good guy, tells us of the bikers who will be attending.

JT and I envisage gig hairy blues and rock loving motorcyclist's.

Just at this moment a guy walks in front of the stage weaing full cycling regalia with shades, bandana and beard... could this be Jose's German doppelganger?

A bicycling festival?

Oh yes! With some bike's backstage too....

It's not long before the fun begins...well I thought so anyway.

Simon decides to bother the lovely lady on security with that old favourite:

'Can you see the blue parrot?'..really Simon!

Paul booth does some shamefull self promotion...

A top performance by the master and commander!

JT reflects on the fun times...he's home and wont be back for the las 2 UK dates...

He will be missed :)


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