Winterbach and forth... 23/07/09

So we arrive at yet another converted big top!

Load- in is a rude affair, it's so hot and humid inside!

The Crew are reduced to speedo's!


Dangerous James and Mad Marco keep it real back stage..

While Steve sit's in his caravan and tries to get onto the front cover of 'Pipe Times'

Johnny T's old buddy from back home in N.Carolina..Mr Bogie Bowles is around today...

What a lovely man, and he plays drums for Mr.Joe Bonamassa too!

We're sharing the stage today with Joe Bonamassa who has the lovely Sandi Thom singing with him.

If you look carefully at the first may just see her :)

I'm joined stage right by Joe's g-tech, Dave who like's Jeremy Clarkeson, horse riding and cigars!

We catch a bit of his show before we switch stages..Rockin hard!

And it's time for Neto to dual another guitarist!

Go Neto Go!!

PS: Jack Black lookalike Bass tech for Bonamassa moonwalks to Gimme Some Loving......



Alexis Terrosa said…
Hi Jason, my name is Alex, I'm with J & R Adventures (Joe Bonamassa). I saw your blog on the show with Steve and Joe and was wondering if you had any other pictures with the guys playing together.
We just wanted to know if you had any other pictures we could use for an article on our website. Also if you had any insights on how the show went that night, we would love to hear more about it.
Please let me know. My e-mail is
IngeP said…
Joe Bonamassa also did a great version of Steve Winwood's Had To Cry Today - in Denmark, Aarhus, Train 29.

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