Home 25/01/09

After 2 hours sleep.....Steve, Richard, Paul, Karl and myself meet to catch our flights home.

James stays in NYC.....with Tash.

Tyler goes back to Cheetah in LA.

JT and John travel home with Tim an Jose flies home to San Fransisco.

I arrive at 10pm, GMT, to a very happy wife.

Until next time readers.....Keep on Running!


Brummie111 said…
I just came across this blogg and thought it was great. I saw Steve at Wolverhampton Civic Hall in 2008 and I must admit I got backstage after the gig and met him!! I dont think he knew what was going on but he said hello to me and shook hands and even gave me a hug ( I am a couple of years younger than Steve and been a fan since Spencer Davis days!!)It was a great thrill for me to meet him and will never forget it.

A life long fan

Jeff W

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