So it's up bright and early for the crew, Simon and Ross having left the night before: James, JT and myself get back on the fast train.

We're greeted by Woody our promoter and brit abroad.

We arrive at the Spanish Sheakespears Theatre before the truck and all get chance to take 5 and grab a sandwich.The venue is pretty lush with a large fresco on the ceiling.

The heady world of production.....

A lot of walking up and down today..

Because the venue is so huge and we can find ourselves quickly miles away from James, see above.
It's important to remain in contact....
We're in constant communication via our state of the art Mattel.

Simon gets liggy with Richard whilst using a bit of leggy.

Woody takes us out for dinner and tries to coax us with kangaroo or crocodile....
James takes the barrier reef option!

Another cheeky Brit in the audience offers up some sound advice..although not an engineer ;)

At the end we're bundled into two mini vans and sent packing.

After a shower and a guiness I fall easily to sleep.


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