Brighton...light on? light up!

James went off with the truck leaving the car with 3 J's.

After a little jolly around the centre of Brighton thanks to 'sat-nav' we get there.

It's time to dump bags and get on with the load in.

Muff and Paul talk big band......whilst Simon is 'AMAZED' by Jose, oh yes!

Good show with a speedy load out thanks to the boys.

I have to say such a lot of heckling!

'Come on yar awd begga' flies out in a Brummie accent...

Steve's poppy ends up on the floor just before Dirty City and I quickly put it between the strings on the guitar's headstock.

With the truck packed extra tight they're off!

I sit in the dressing room with my Thai curry and then hit the long road home to Bristol.


geejay13 said…
Brilliant show, shame the powers that be wouldn't let us boogie. By the time of 'Gimme' we threw caution to the wind.
Took us about 4 times round Brighton (without sat nav) to get on the right road home.

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