The Long Drive Home

11pm. Still shaking from the quality gig, the vans hit the road.

5:45 James and I arrived at Calais with me having taken over the driving from James.

On our escape from the cab our box of Roses is sent sky high and everywhere is decorated with shiny chocolate wrappers.
We also lose our new flask, as it also tries to flee the van.
In the confusion of the clean-up I deposit the van keys in a bin.

Yes - we are both tired.
We both sleep solidly through the ferry crossing.

We later discover, much to our hilarity, Simon and Ross had had a lovers spat and spent the majority of the journey in protracted silence.

Yes - they were very tired too.


greg said…
Just wanted to say that I am really enjoying your blog. Steve is my favorite musician/singer, seen him/Traffic about 4 times (since 1994) here in the States.
Thanks for sharing.
muldoon said…
jason i get such a kick out of reading about your adventures... if may be safer that mr. poe (and steve) not drive while in the uk --it's not easy shifting a manual trans with your left hand while navigating on the right side of the road for some of us.
muldoon said…
p.s. i forgot to ask last night if you're missing wal-mart?
Jason Jervis said…
Thanks Muldoon, always missing Wal*Mart especially the midnight bus stops :)

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