Jet Poe verses Tony Tuff in the Den of Wolves...

On arriving at Wulfrun Hall we were greeted by Neil, one of the locals whose bovine knowledge was exemplary.

Ross and I hit the town centre to get some extra tools, whilst Simon accompanied the PA guy (John?) to get some much needed parts for the desk.

James sat patiently, head in hand, for Adrian the Digi Tech to arrive and mend our system the show could go on!!

With a brief soundcheck and a slightly more relaxed crew, the doors were opened a little later than advertised.

What a storming gig, Karl was so excited he kicked his conga over.

Thanks to Jet Poe's lightening fast didn't hit the floor.

I was greeted by fans eager to talk about the blog.

With help from colleague Mark the load out was a breeze and the long journey to Harwich began with Mr.T in the driving seat.


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