Chastain Park, Atlanta 29-07-10

Atlanta, Georgia and an Amphitheater built in the 1940's!!

Avenue where you turn up with your hampers of home cooked loveliness.

It's a great little venue, although we have some fun with reversing the bus in *gulp*

Today both Santana and Steve have special guests.

Santana has India Arie and we have the legendary Willy Weeks.

It's hot and humid and we try hard to keep hydrated.

With our time for rehearsal short we move fast on the stage and get Willy comfortable.

We have a bit of fun with the rented bass amp. I soon we get him sound he likes onstage and James gives it his award winning sound out front.

The Ghetto is placed in the set and played beautifully.

It's interesting to hear Dear Mr. Fantasy and Gimme Some Lovin' played with bass, and the crowd love it.

Cal and his friend Jimbo, having already caused some consternation on the previous gig by running around without credentials, own up to the 'Kid Rock' prank played on your humble narrator.

As a prankster myself, at times, I take my hat off to them... Good call guys!

And its back on the bus.. Mogulating, snapping, chilling and chatting...


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