So after the show Tyler mans the grill and we all get ready for some fine tucker!
We invite every member of Tom's crew we see to join us..

Josh from production is first to join.

Followed by Cameraman Phil, Merch Mark, JT lighting and a few others....

As we sat there shooting the breeze a man in a tie-die t-shirt carrying a large bag of popcorn appeared! Unaware of whose company he was in he sat down for a hot dog or 2!
So when Matt realised where he was and with whom he was a little excited!

Sgt M Desler was invited but he had to escort Mr.P out.

Football kick about followed, I almost wound our Tyler as he tries to rescue on of my better shots as it flies to the bbq.......he stopped it and a chair and his elbow broke his fall...ouch!!

Oh and there was a nice train for me to photograph!


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