Darien Cakes and O-hi-o....Blossom

Darien Lakes, to the sound of rollercoasters and a top crew monthly shot!

Rain..yes rain and thunder and lightening!

We had good fortune with the weather however.
Tom on the other hand suffered a power cut, which thankfully didn't last long.

I had enough time to do some well needed show enhancement.
Always try to do a couple of improvements every show...
Thanks to Tom's guitar tech Mark I was able to velcro and cable tie all!

Blossom Music Center, Ohio

Ohio and we didn't get the trailer emptied until late,
tornado sirens going off and torrential rain....
Chuck and Briget were there to help as the rain eased off.

Finally Manny makes his appearance in the blog.....

Rain didn't stop play, however soundcheck did overlap 'doors' a little!

Blinder of a show! The kids went wild!! oh yes!!!


Anonymous said…
Hey Jason,

Andrea and I have been reading the blog, sounds like you are having a great time :)

Keep up the excellent writing and pictures.

Really gutted that we'll not be able to catch up with you at Walnut Creek, but we'll not be in NC until the end of august.

I have read the Libra star sign today, the prophecy was .... rock.


John and Andrea Mulholland

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