Rockin' to Petty in Philly!

It's seems ages since my first couple of blogs...Canada seems an age gone.

The trip to the cinema with Paul Booth, Jose Neto and Karl Vanden Bosche to see Indy 4..just a dream.
Paul, Tyler and myself also manage to catch a big band playing really cool jazz, I'll see if I can't upload it somewhere...Toronto was cool!

Philly's 2 shows were great with the second featuring a guest appearance by Steve with Tom Petty and the Heatbreakers... Gimme Some Lovin' everyday!!
Wow did the kids love it? Oh yes they did..........
And what a great local crew...we got our pack down done really quick.
Thanks guys ;)

Now we met some cool Canadians at the hotel, down to see some baseball and then Tom Petty.
They hung out with the crew and partied hard! Absynth Booth about it ;)
They all went out after the show and bought Steve's new album too!
Converts to the cause, we'll see more of them later ;)

What wasn't so cool was that after the first show in Philly Steve got rushed as he walked off the tour bus.
They all seemed to have multiple copies of albums.....ebay?
Anyway the top guy Steve is he signed a couple and we got him inside and away.

However on the second night we realized that most of the same people had returned.
They were not cool when we told them Steve was out with Tom.
It got a bit crazy when the 2 questionable fans that were left at the hotel would not accept that Steve was not on the bus................and almost demanded that their guitar scratchplates be taken to the bus and signed!

Greg, our Driver offered to take the scratchplates, get Steve to sign and they could pick them up the next day
They weren't up for this and Hotel security escorted them out........only for them to return and annoy the hell out of me.
I ended up shouting at them and their retort was that they'd bought the new album...
I told them that they would've bought the album had they been real fans.

With that they left the hotel and the crew had a beer ;)


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