Boston Cream Poe!

Boston and a day off.....time for shopping and cheesecake! Well dinner at the cheesecake factory. Richard, Karl, Paul and myself crashed the mall and spent some hard earned cash on shoes, shirts and shh.......Good weather!

The load into the TD Greenbank, home of NBA champions Bostron Celtics, was a nightmare... a huge concrete ramp with a massive elephant door and a guy who didn't want to keep it open to speed up the load in. Me and James sast with the local crew for a while waiting for the ok to 'folk' it up the ramp....And still more fun on the load out!

Top gig, the kids went wild!!
They were so excited roaring during the guitar solo on Fantasy and when the band left the stage they were chanting 'winwood, winwood, winwood'!

James got excellent sound whilst fighting the room acoustics.

Jt did his laundry, and we all watched in wonder!

Tyler was in LA and missed :(

and I tuned guitars....

Cancom (Tweeter) Center.. provided us with some more shed action and a rather dodgy bottle of wine........


Rick said…
I'm Tyler's dad. Make sure you tell him "Happy Birthday" for us on Wednesday (June 25). We enjoy your blog!

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