Uptown Theatre, Kansas City 2/3

After a hearty day off eating moderately sized portions.. 

It's back to work.. but will the bus make it out? 

Snowman gets me to spot him, just in case!

We hit the Uptown theatre and get to load in..

The stage is quite compact so we week some cases outside in a special place, 
filled with blue skies and happiness.

 See How happy Rollie is?

And just time for a most civilised cup of tea before sound check, Good effort Brendoni!

Time for an impromptu photo shoot??

This guy! Gregg and I get serious with the Chamsys lighting console..

We have a full rig of old school conventional's today.

This will be a Classic show...

Not only a classic but another sold out show!!

Here's Richard Bailey - the wrong side of the kit!!

Jose gets his white panther ready...

And it's Miss Lilly's first Solo spot of the tour...

She gets quite the welcome!

And a banging show from Mr. Winwood...


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