Stiefel Theatre Salina, KS 04/03

You know you're in Kansas State when you hit a sign that says "Oz, Next right"!

A quick walk around the block and looking good!

It's an early and swift load in Today as we've been invited to one of the biggest vinyl pressing plants..

Hans Rocko gets busy with the rugs...

And here's the house... We're all done with minutes to spare on our original time!

'The Flash' crew, represent!

So the boys nip off to the pressing plant

I hang back with Bill and Susan to get the lights looking sweet!

And it's a SOLD OUT Show!!!

But will Rollie sell out of shirts tonight? 


And Mix Man Brendoni takes the console for Miss Lilly..

I get all moody with this classic Avolights Diamond 4!!

Some of the faders are a little twitchy and at one point some of the house lights come on..

And it's a few minutes between sets to grab some water..

Here's Uncle Richie!

And Lilly hits the stage for Higher Love!!

And load out is done!!!

Just enough time for Bud to get familiar...


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