No Show Day, St. Louis 27/02

And so St. Louis Missouri...

Snowman and I get quite excited at the local Motorcycle museum!

Then it's off on a SaxQuest with Paul.. to Saxquest.. which is also a museum..

Then we pop in to MidWest guitar and enjoy some good chat and a pine Tele!

 And so into Earthbound Beer we go... 

Little did we expect such amazing hospitality that resulted in an impromptu tour of their brewery.. 

Thank you Stuart and Ryan.

Rollie and I stay for another while Paul and Brendoni go for cuts..

Unfortunately, they were way too excited to share his hair being cut on Instagram than 
cutting Paul's ..

.He came away looking very much as he'd done going in, with maybe a bigger smile.


 El Camino is born..

 We then get an Uber to the famous Irish bar, John D McGurks and are treated to a great meal of Irish stew..

Followed by a super performance from the Bronx Boys.. with special guest Paul.. 


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