Fox Theater, Detroit 26/02

So we wake up in Detroit.. and I spend some time sorting out bits and bobs and blog...

Rocko and Jet hit Founders for a pint or two of their excellent stout..

Then we hit Slow's followed by an early night!

Show day at the rather opulent Fox!

As we make our way around backstage we see lots of historic graffitti..

Steve gets busy and makes his mark!

We're all set before we know it and a quick focus on lights means time to get and meet the console!


Here's Nate!! with our matching Avolight Arena's!

Time spent back home with my Pearl made this a lot easier.. Thanks Enlightened!

And miss Lilly is on!! And she and the band are raising the roof!

After a short intermission the band find their way on stage and in a second or two will be joined by the Guvnor for another banging gig!!

We all find ourselves in the lobby to help get the merch outta there...

Gratuitous crew shot!!


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